ZS-GF-5299B جل سيليكون موصل حراريا من جزأين

Brand : antas

ZS-GF-5299B is two-part thermally conductive silicone gel. It has excellent electrical performance, high impedance, high thermal conductivity. It's suitable for filling and heat dissipation of gaps between battery packs of electric vehicles.
دليل المنتج
ZS-GF- 5299B is supplied as two-part thermal conductive silicone gel which can be either room temperature or heat cured, and it can be heated accelerated for faster cure. This product will not release of low molecular. It is adapted to all kinds of material like PC、 PP、ABS、PVC and metal's surface,which has good stability under -60℃~ 200℃,fully comply with European Union ROHS directive requirements.
الغرض الرئيسي
1)Potting the power modules to dissipate heat and protect the modules.
2)Filling and heat dissipation of new energy vehicle battery pack.
المعايير الفنية