ZS-NJ-D952L جل سيليكون موصل حراريا من جزء واحد | سيليكون هلام automotivo

ZS-NJ-D952L is one-part thermally conductive silicone gel. It's for smartphone, CPU, 5G, EV, and memory chips; filling between power module, integrated chips, power templates, automotive electronics, controllers, telecommunications equipment, computers, and its accessories, and heat dissipation shells.

ZS-NJ-D952L One-Part Thermally Conductive Silicone Gel  | silicone gel automotivo
ميزة المنتج
1. It can be cured at room temperature, and the curing can be accelerated at 60°C or higher to shorten the curing time;
2. Use as a printable and coatable gel to replace the finished heat dissipation gasket;
3. After curing, it forms a soft thermally conductive gel, which can conduct heat, relieve stress and reduce shock;
4. It can resist humidity and other harsh environments without cracking and sag;
5. Low content of volatile substances.
الغرض الرئيسي
1)Thermal interface material for smart phone CPU and memory chip.
2)It is prepared into various thicknesses and shapes by dispensing or screen printing to realize the conventional thermal management of PCB system components.
المعايير الفنية